Enabled Veterans Outdoors

Helping disabled veterans get out into the field to enjoy outdoor activites.

Enabled Veterans Outdoors (EVO)

Welcome to EVO!

Enabled Veterans Outdoors (EVO) is a veterans' organization that exists for the sole purpose of enabling disabled veterans of any conflict to get out into the outdoors to enjoy themselves - hunting, or simply getting outside to enjoy nature - with people who understand their needs.

If you're so inclined, there's a video that explains our operation HERE. It's really cool. We're sorta proud.

Many landowners throughout Iowa have offered to let us hunt their land, and EVO has several sections of dedicated hunting ground that have been improved with wheelchair trails, blinds, etc. We provide the opportunity for a disabled veteran to hunt with guides and provide game processing. Eventually, we'll even provide proper gear. (Please note: while we are based in Iowa, we do NOT limit our services to Iowa veterans.)

Whether you're going after deer, pheasant, turkey, or coyote, we'll get you out there! And we all know there is a time of the day where there is a lull in the hunting so we fill that up with food and entertainment. Plinking, lunch or home-made wild game dishes are part of our afternoon plans.

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